Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know you worry.
I know you only have good intentions for me.
I know you want me to have the best.
So I won't have to face the worst.
I know that your scared.
Handing me out into the world.
To feed and fend for myself.
To free fall and fly out of your control.
I know you love me.
Despite the constant nagging.
'Bout staying out late.
And not making the bed.
I know you have plans for me.
For my future, my dreams, and my life is most important to you.
I know that 26years of handling me.
You yourself, Mr. I-Got-Everything-In-Control, spins out of control.
But you did great.
I know you are afraid.
For what might happen to me.
Without you guiding me step by step.
Like you always do today.

But fear not my beloved Abah,
For I know I will always be your baby.
Always. Promise.
Even if i free fall and fly away.
I will always come back to you.
I love you , Abah... :)

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