Thursday, March 26, 2009

no poetry

she got my dream job
she got my dream guy
and i walked around my hometown
with my pajamas's inside out
without knowing
could it get any worst?


Wani Ardy said...


desir-hati said...

nope.. from my heart straight to my e-paper. sigh...

Wani Ardy said...


green goblin said...

she got your dream job but is it as great as yours?
she got your dream guy but is he the perfect guy?
but is she living life as good as you?
does she have wonderful friends like you do?

green goblin gobbling up your envy.

desir-hati said...

Green Goblin,

Tqs.. I'm really really touched!! jujur ni... :)

i do have a great kicks ass fun job
i do have to-die-for friends
i do have a good life
but is he the perfect guy, well... we'll never noe now would we?