Saturday, November 8, 2008


when i did all I can and all I knew.
when I did then best I know how and all I knew.
and, when I can only hope, I will not loose my faith.
because then i know that I'll be doing fine.
that I will be content.
then I surrender all.

p/s: I'm not really sure if I wrote this because this is from my archive. I did not quoted anybody but I am not positively sure I wrote it either. But, whatever it is.. Enjoy :)


sAfFiYaHnAjLah said...

hey..yana rite..x gitau pon kt sy..huhu(cedey)
hehe..btw..gud lor..
see i'm the first 1 be u followers tau..hehe
gud2 suka lar..
keep writing!

desir-hati said...

replied at ur blog. btw tq. diri ni masih kecil untuk ada pengikut my dear. *blush*

sAfFiYaHnAjLah said...

ceh..malu2 lak..ahaks..
i folow u..u folow me..
so kejar2 eh..

qiddas said...

spellchecker. really.